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Medical Game - CT Patient Care: Study Content

This is a quiz on CT - Patient Care.
Select a box to answer the question.
If you are not sure of the answer, you get an offer : You have the option to take the offer or go with your original choice.
If you do not take the offer you get the complete score or zero depending on a correct or incorrect response.
If you opt for the offer, you get the offered score even if your answer is incorrect. However, if your answer is correct and you opted for the offer, you will only get the offer and not the complete score.
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Which of the following can be evaluated by observing the patient?

Your Answer: changes in breathing
Correct Answer: changes in breathing

Which of the following terms describes rapid pulse rate?

Your Answer: tachycardia
Correct Answer: tachycardia

Which of the following pulse points is most often used for measuring infant pulse rate?

Your Answer: carotid
Correct Answer: brachial

An increase in serum creatinine of _____________ post iodinated contrast administration may indicate contrast medium induced nephrotoxicity.

Your Answer: > 10%
Correct Answer: > 25%

Which of the following needle gauges would be the largest size?

Your Answer: 18g
Correct Answer: 18g

Which of the following items need to be documented after contrast media injection?

Your Answer: all of the above
Correct Answer: all of the above

Which of the following complications of venipuncture could possibly result in cellulitis?

Your Answer: extravasation
Correct Answer: phlebitis

Which of the following is the arterial phase of contrast enhancement?

Your Answer: bolus phase
Correct Answer: bolus phase

Which of the following are components of an automatic injector?

Your Answer: all of the above
Correct Answer: all of the above

The risk of NOT capturing peak enhancement in CT is more likely to be due to scanning too:

Your Answer: Early
Correct Answer: Early

Pediatric respiratory rate is typically _______ the adult respiratory rate.

Your Answer: faster than
Correct Answer: faster than

A diastolic blood pressure reading below 60 is indicative of:

Your Answer: Hypotension
Correct Answer: Hypotension

A high body temperative may lead to:

Your Answer: Convulsion
Correct Answer: Convulsion

Which of the following laboratory tests is most often used to screen for kidney function prior to iodinated contrast administration?

Your Answer: Serum creatinine
Correct Answer: Serum creatinine

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Medical Game - Pathology seen with CT

Welcome to the Philips Clinical Challenge
You will be able to test your medical knowledge using a variety of mind stimulating games
This is an interactive game to test your knowledge on pathology commonly seen in the body with CT
For the Flying Boxes game, click Start and click on the Flying Text, then place it in the appropriate box
https://www.theonlinelearningcenter.com ... ubCats=yes

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