How Much Water You Need To Drink Every Day

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How Much Water You Need To Drink Every Day

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How Much Water You Need To Drink Every Day

Some people say 8 glasses, others say 2 litres. How much water should you actually be drinking per day? Well, the truth is that it varies for each individual. One way to figure out how much water you should be drinking is to use this easy formula to know how much water to drink in a day in India. This water intake calculator can help you balance your meals too.

How Much Water To Drink

Step 1: Check your weight in kilograms.

This formula calculates your water requirement based on your weight, simply because a 45 kilo person doesn't require the same amount of water as an 85 kilo person.

Step 2: Divide the figure by 30.

Divide your weight by 30. The answer is the number of litres you should be drinking per day. So, if you weigh 60 kilos for example, you should drink 2 litres of water a day, whereas if you weigh 80 kilos, you should drink 2.6 litres (2 litres and 600 ml) of water per day.

Step 3: Add more water for physical activity.

If you exercise, you probably lose a lot of water through sweat. Add 0.35 litres (350 ml) to the figure for every half an hour that you exercise. So, if you exercise for an hour every day, add 0.7 litres (700 ml) of water to your daily requirement.
The number you are left with is the number of litres of water your body requires every day.

Step 4: Remember that food has water in it too.

Luckily, you don’t have to drink all of that water in liquid form, because your food has water in it too. In fact, approximately 20 - 25% of your water intake comes from the food you eat. ... 49824.html

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