MD Family Medicine

Family Medicine
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MD Family Medicine

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MD Family Medicine: Course Highlights

MD Family Medicine: What is it about?
MD Family Medicine generally focuses on treating patients of all age groups and is concerned about looking for various methods of diagnosis of complex diseases.

This course is well suited to those students who want to do some kind of research in the field of Family Medicine and are interested in providing a helping hand to all the people in need. Students seeking admission to MD Family Medicine program should possess various skills such as the ability to manage medical emergencies, knowledge of rare diseases, time management skills etc.

On completion of this program, students can opt for jobs in various fields such as in Medical Colleges and Universities, Hospitals, Social Welfare Groups, Military Services etc.

MD Family Medicine: Eligibility Criteria
Candidates seeking admission to MD Family Medicine program must hold a MBBS degree in relevant discipline or equivalent from a MCI approved institute. To get admission to this program, student are required to clear the cut-off percent set by the College or University in the entrance test followed by Personal Interview.

MD Family Medicine: Syllabus and Course Description
On getting admission to MD Family Medicine program, candidates have to study the subjects mentioned below. The details of subjects that students need to study while pursuing this course are given in the table provided below:

Subjects of Study
: applied basic sciences as relevent to family medicine
anatomy - physiology - biochemistry - pharmacology - pathology/microbiology - radiological & imaging - ECG interpretation - etc

Unit 1: Internal Medicine
Unit 2: Geriatrics
Unit 3: Psychiatry
Unit 4: Dermatology and STD
Unit 5: Surgery
Unit 6: Ophthalmology
Unit 7: Obstetrics and Gynecology
Unit 8: Anesthesiology
Unit 9: Diagnostic Medicine
Unit 10: Therapeutics
Unit 11: Community Medicine
Unit 12: General Practice
Unit 13: Medical Jurisprudence
Unit 14: Professional Duties and Ethics
Unit 15: Medicolegal Problems and Responsibilities


مشاركات: 11478
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Re: MD Family Medicine

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What is MD Family Medicine?
M.D. Family Medicine or Doctor of Medicine in Family Medicine is a postgraduate course. Family medicine is a medical specialty devoted to comprehensive health care for people of all ages. ... It is specially designed for family physicians to impart comprehensive healthcare for all age groups.Aug 31, 2018

MD Family Medicine: Career Prospects
MD Family Medicine course will help students to perform research activities in the field of Medicine and can develop a career as a Physician in this field. This course is best for those students who want to help the people in need and manage complex diseases. On completion of this course, several opportunities exist for students such as they could become a Teacher/ Lecturer, General Physician, Physiologist, Casualty Medical Officer, Consultant etc.

After completing MD Family Medicine course, students will be able to work in the following profiles:

General Physician
Casualty Medical Officer

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