MR Pulse Sequences

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MR Pulse Sequences

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Medical Game – MR Pulse Sequences

Welcome to the Philips Clinical Challenge. You will be able to test your medical knowledge using a variety of mind stimulating games.

This is an interactive game to test your knowledge on MR Pulse Sequences. Welcome to the Slot Machine game. The game is easy to play. All you have to do is answer the question you see on the screen, click Submit, and if correct you get to try your luck on the slot machine.


1. In general, inversion sequences begin with a 180 degree RF pulse to invert Mz. After the inversion, there is an operator-specified delay time known as the ____.
Your Answer: flip angle
Correct Answer: TI

2. FLAIR sequences are generally used to suppress the signal from ____.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: water

3. On T2-weighted images, the cerebral spinal fluid is ___________.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: white

4. On a T1-weighted image in the brain, CSF will appear ___________.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: black

5. Which MR imaging sequence produces T2-weighted or T1-weighted images with a fat signal similar to spin echo, but the fat is brighter?
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Turbo Spin Echo

6. The _______ is produced when a region of pathology may be missed in the final image if too thick a slice is used, since it is averaged together with several millimeters of other tissue.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Partial volume effect

7. Fat suppression techniques like SPIR (Spectral Presaturation with Inversion Recovery) and SPAIR (Spectral Attentuated Inversion Recovery) utilize the difference in resonance frequencies of water and fat. That difference is about ______ ppm.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: 3.4

8. The T1 time of water at 1.5T is approximately ____.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: 2000ms

9. The T1 time of fat at 1.5T is approximately ____.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: 150ms

10. In a gradient echo pulse sequence, as the flip angle is increased (will all other factors remaining the same), the resultant image will yield more __________.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: T1-weighting

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