MR Physics

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MR Physics

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Medical Game – MR Physics

Welcome to the Philips Clinical Challenge.
You will be able to test your medical knowledge using a variety of mind stimulating games.
This is an exercise is to test your knowledge on MR Physics.

In the Rapid Fire Questions game, simply answer the multiple choice questions.

After attempting all the questions a Submit button will appear.

Click Submit to check your results.


1. The central area of the magnetic field in MR imagers is known as __________.
Correct Answer: isocenter

2. 1T = __________.
Correct Answer: 10,000 Gauss

3. The precessional frequency for hydrogen can be calculated from __________.
Correct Answer: Larmor Equation

4. The term "slew rate" refers to the __________ of the gradient magnetic field.
Correct Answer: strength/speed of the slope

5. In order to achieve "resonance," the transmitted RF pulse must match the __________.
Correct Answer: precessional frequency

6. Following excitation by the RF pulse, the spins relax back toward __________.
Correct Answer: equilibrium

7. The main purpose of the static magnetic field (known as the BO field) is to __________.
Correct Answer: magnetize the tissue

8. After RF excitation, the spins _________.
Correct Answer: relax

9. Most superconductive magnets are solenoids and, thus, exhibit a(n) ______magnetic field.
Correct Answer: horizontal

10. The signal induced in a receiver coil immediately following an RF excitation pulse is known as __________.
Correct Answer: FID

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