MR Imaging Procedures

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MR Imaging Procedures

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Medical Game – MR Imaging Procedures

Welcome to the Philips Clinical Challenge. You will be able to test your medical knowledge using a variety of mind stimulating games.

This is an interactive game to test your knowledge on MR Imaging Procedures. Welcome to the Slot Machine game.
The game is easy to play.
All you have to do is answer the question you see on the screen, click Submit, and if correct you get to try your luck on the slot machine.
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1. Which anatomical plane is oriented 90 degrees to midline and divides the body into front and back halves?
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Coronal

2. All of the following techniques should be employed EXCEPT _______ when imaging the pituitary gland.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Fat saturation

3. To visualize the internal auditory canal, high resolution images are acquired in which planes?
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Axial & coronal

4. Which pulse sequence is most useful in identifying hemorrhage?
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Gradient echo

5. Lymph nodes are frequently ________ and vessels are _______ on T2-weighted images of the neck
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: isointense, dark

6. ______ images best demonstrate disk degeneration or dehydration.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Sagittal T2

7. The spinal region LEAST affected by CSF pulsation is the _______ region.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Lumbar

8. The CSF in the spinal cord is _______ on T1-weighted images and _______ on T2-weighted images.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Dark, bright

9. It is difficult to define gray/white matter structures in the pediatric population so _____pulse sequences should be utilized because of the low development of myelin.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Inversion recovery

10. Name the condition where part of the cerebellar tonsil is displaced below the foramen magnum.
Your Answer:
Correct Answer: Chiari malformation

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