Causes of a stuffy nose, ways to prevent it, and a great tre

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Causes of a stuffy nose, ways to prevent it, and a great tre

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The causes of a stuffy nose are multiple. We will explain them with you through this topic in which we talk about this annoying symptom and the reasons that lead to it. We will also explain the most prominent prevention methods that you can follow in order to avoid the causes of a stuffy nose and congestion.

Nose blockage causes

Nose blockage causes
The cause of nasal obstruction in order to be reached, it is necessary to examine by the doctor and identify the problem and thus diagnosis, and then treatment is carried out based on this diagnosis, as there is no single reason for this blockage or congestion that occurs, but rather some reasons, and we explain them to you as follows:
The common cold is one of the most prominent causes of nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing in some cases, as it is the most common and most common cause, and colds are a viral infection, not a bacterial infection, so there is no role for antibiotics in treating this disease.

A cold lasts from one to two weeks, and a cold may last longer in some cases.
[]اسباب انسداد الانف
There are some symptoms that accompany sinusitis, including pain in those areas, headache, ear pain in addition to a stuffy nose, and we talked in a comprehensive, sufficient and adequate article about this annoying disease, its causes, methods of prevention and treatment.

Sinus infections occur more often in the cold winter, due to allergies, bacteria or viruses that are active during this time of the year.
Seasonal allergic rhinitis is one of the main causes of stuffy nose
Seasonal allergic rhinitis is one of the common causes of stuffy nose symptoms, and this allergy is caused by certain substances such as dust and pollen, which activate the immune system. ... stion.html
There are some other symptoms that accompany seasonal allergic rhinitis, such as eye tears and sneezing, and it is also one of the causes of nasal obstruction on one side and on both sides in some cases.

deviated nasal septum
A deviated nasal septum is one of the causes of nasal congestion or obstruction, and this septum is the separator that is located in the middle between the two nostrils.

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